Is a woman with a nice family, she has three sons and they are her motivation for living and working.

She is an English teacher and has  an educational background in Virtual Classes, System science and Technology . Betty has always integrated technology in everything that she does.

My journey as an english teacher started in the the year 1996 and I’ve never looked back since then. The past 17 years have been a thoroughly enriching part of my life because I’ve always been challenged to make a meaningful difference through my work. In my teaching career I’ve learnt that teaching is all about learning and this is what has kept me going for so long.
After graduating from University, I started teaching at SENA where I developed an appreciation for human interaction and for the freedom, creativity and spontaneity inherent in the job. Since then I’ve become part of a strong academic studies which has never ceased to grow and develop. My roles have included teaching, teacher training, virtualy classes, all of which I thoroughly enjoy to this very day.
At CUN main aim is to provide an authentic learning experience to help students draw on prior learning, acquire new knowledge, and tap into their creativity to further develop this knowledge. As a teacher, one does not only impart knowledge, but also part of oneself. In this way, teaching has also given me the chance to share my passion not only for language, but also for literature, poetry, drama and music which I’ve always tried to integrate in my lessons in order to provide students with a more holistic and fun education. Ultimately, being a teacher at CUN is all about sharing knowledge, facilitating learning for others and loving what you do!

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